Children of Wrath

Available now in paper back, and e-book formats for Kindle, itunes, and Nook

Children of Wrath_EbookCover


Children of Wrath is a novel of faith, loss, hope, and war in a smashed America.

The Fall brought mankind to its knees. After the world war, anarchy and chaos engulfed the United States.

For the last nine years, William led a quiet life in Lamar Valley, a remote corner of Yellowstone. On the banks of the Lamar River he built a log cabin and raised his children surrounded by beauty and grandeur.

When Tarantula spreads further north, the tenuous peace between territories comes unraveled. A religious madman who believes himself to be a Prophet of the Lord, bent upon destruction and revenge, drags William into a violent struggle.

William must fight for his own life and for the lives of those he loves the most. As events spiral out of control, Gideon’s madness threatens to infect the world.

From frozen mountain passes high in the Rocky Mountains to the arid desert, William battles an insidious evil he does not understand.

How can light defeat darkness, when the darkness comes from within?



Paul Mannering, acclaimed author of the Tankbread series says,

“Faith, firepower, and family are the three pillars that raise Children of Wrath to must read status. Sean T. Smith has delivered a sequel to Objects of Wrath that will fill your hearts and leave you demanding more.”


Craig DiLouie, acclaimed author of Suffer the Children,  offered this praise.

“In Sean T. Smith’s CHILDREN OF WRATH, the apocalypse isn’t the end, but a hard new beginning, and a time for heroes and new legends to be born. A compelling apocalyptic thriller.”



2 thoughts on “Children of Wrath

  1. Sean, I absolutetly LOVED Objects of Wraith, and bought it thru Audible in audiobook form (and many friends I told about the book as well). I am sure you are aware that it has gotten tons of 5 star reviews reviews & sold very well there….now I must know WHEN will Children of Wraith be released in audio??? Us audiobook junkies CAN’T WAIT!!!

    Keep up the great work….

    • Greetings, Justin. Thanks for buying my books, and for your kind note! I do not know when Children of Wrath will be released in audio format. I’d consider it a kindness if you would write an honest review on Amazon. I’ll shoot you an e-mail when I find out about the audio book, and thank you again for helping to spread the word!

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