Wrath and Redemption

The powerful conclusion to the Wrath Trilogy

Kindle, Nook, and itunes

http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00IKHPGEKRedemption final cover

Is it worth losing your soul to save the world?

In the sweeping conclusion to the epic Wrath trilogy, what is left of the civilization after The Fall finds itself at war again. New America gathers its defense against the Tsar’s forces, while four heroes embark on a journey more perilous than they ever imagined. Will mankind find a way to end the cycle of violence at last? To do so may cost William, Crystal, and Ryder everything…because evil never surrenders. It must be destroyed.

In Wrath and Redemption, readers will have the opportunity to see how The Fall affected the world beyond America’s borders, from the wind swept Siberian tundra, to the streets and alleyways of the smashed Vatican. There are plenty of firefights, and some interesting new characters, including some serious “girl power.” Crystal is one of four point of view characters in this book, and readers will get a better understanding of her deep inner strength.

redemption pic


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