Review: Lone Survivor

Poster art for "Lone Survivor."

Lone Survivor is one of the best films I’ve seen in years, and I’d put it right beside Saving Private Ryan in the war genre. It is that good. The action sequences are relentless, gritty, and real. There is an emotional depth to Lone Survivor that I’d hoped to see, and the movie exceeded my expectations. That the movie is grounded on Marcus Luttrell’s true story gives the film great meaning.

There are heroes humping through the mountains of Afghanistan as I write from the comfort of my home, a forgotten war still being waged. My deepest gratitude goes out to the men and women serving our country and risking their lives.

The film manages to encapsulate some of the dilemmas with this war, without being preachy. There are significant problems with the Rules of Engagement because our troops are fighting an insurgency that melts back into the civilian population. And there is the problem of logistics and “too many moving parts” which puts our soldiers often unnecessarily in harms way.

We see the fear, sacrifice, brotherhood and blood of heroes. I wept as the credits rolled, feeling both grateful and inadequate, having done little of worth with my own life. I highly recommend this movie.


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