Open Letter to the NSA…I’m Just A Harmless Writer

I write fiction, and this requires a great deal of research. I’m waiting for unmarked, black SUVs to whizz into my driveway.

My internet search history this week would have set off some alarms. I’ve researched the blast radius for 100 kiloton nuclear weapons, fallout patterns over the U.S., and likely targets in the event of a nuclear exchange.

It gets worse.

I’ve been researching Islam. This includes verses from the Qu’ran, Arabic phrases, various greeting customs in the Muslim world.

To top it off, I looked into bio weapons research facilities within the United States and China. I’m guessing this combination of searches warrants further investigation from the bots keeping tabs on things.

If I disappear and you don’t hear from me, I’m resting comfortably at an undisclosed location. Seriously.


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