Trump: don’t laugh, cry

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. In the most recent polls, he is running neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton. These are the two most disliked candidates in our history. Quite frankly, it’s not funny anymore. Because while both candidates are dangerous, Donald Trump is a threat to the human race, a scourge worse than the plague and meteors.

Hillary Clinton is not a good candidate. She has lied many times about the email account she used as Secretary of State, and faces a very real indictment from the FBI. The co-mingling of responsibility and funds for the Clinton Foundation is disturbing, at the least. She is the embodiment of an establishment politician focused on power rather than results, and this drives everyone in America nuts. Even the ones who like her.  She should be better, but she’s not. It would be great to see a woman sitting in the Oval Office who isn’t blowing a president, but who is actually the Commander and Chief.  I don’t like her because she feels that she is entitled to this job, and have the sense that she doesn’t care what it takes to earn it.  She will emerge as the nominee, California notwithstanding, and folks will be in a fruit-juicy-uproar about that.

I don’t like Hillary, but I’ll damn sure vote for her before I vote for Jester Trump.

Trump is the court-jester that vies for the throne. That comic relief character that farts and insults his way closer and closer to the crown; when the actor puts it on his head, the crowd cheers because it is absurd and unexpected. When Trump takes his bows, the world will convulse. A buffoon in the Oval Office.  When the nation that defeated Hitler elects its own, the world will shudder.

When the world shakes, people die.

Donald Trump doesn’t care.

He wants to be President because it means power, not because he can do good. He is blinded by his arrogance and essential meanness, and his schoolyard-bully mentality that has somehow won over American voters.

In the good stories, the bully looses, and perhaps is even redeemed. Darth Vader even got it at the end. Evil is defeated and good triumphs when people recognize the difference between words and deeds, and then act.

If you vote for Donald Trump, you are voting for smoke and mirrors and lies and the destruction which comes from those things, and worse, a man who believes he can control the outcome. His arrogance knows no bounds. Anyone that speaks of themselves in the third person so redundantly should be excluded from public office.

His foreign policy is based on the illusion of absolute power. (I hit back ten times harder). Escalation is not necessarily the answer when nuclear weapons are in play. The nukes in the Russian triad alone, between bombers, subs, and ICBMS, would be enough to wipe out the human race. Trump has no concept of this. His arrogance can kill the world.

Trump promises to “Make America Great Again,” which assumes that America isn’t already great. America is great, by every metric available. Yes, we could be better, but we still lead the world in might, production, technology, and individualism. To all of you who disagree with me about this, I say, “fuck you. You are arguing on the internet.” The internet exists because of America. Read your history and statistics. We’ve still got the biggest GDP, military spending, and natural resources in the world, on top of the greatest minds that migrate here, because, well, we invented rock and roll and jazz and put a man on the moon.

Trump is dangerous, while Hillary is annoying. There is a huge difference, and it’s not a reality show any more. Trump could be the idiot that launches ICBM missiles because he feels disrespected, and he gets angry at 1:00 EST with a sandwich in one small hand and the nuclear codes in the other.

We survived Bush. We survived Obama.  We won’t survive Trump.IMG_0673






One thought on “Trump: don’t laugh, cry

  1. Hi Sean,
    just finished Tears of Abraham. Thanks for a great read. I found you via Brin’s blog and read your book as I have spent a bunch of time thinking about his words about present times being a later stage of the Civil War (first one, aka that other Abraham. ) I tend to see things in that light, though I sure hope you are far from the truth with the tale of the nation as a powder keg quickly cooking off. I am familiar with the weekend and the serious peppers, and if you spend to much time there your tale starts to seem highly possible and just a matter of time and randome circumstances.

    Any way, just though I would say hi and say that I liked your book. I don’t know if you are into conspiracy theories, the book seems to leave those largely at a distance. But if you are, I suggest you do a search for original documents on Hillary Clinton and the email scandal. I just did one as I wanted to really understand it. I do a lot of work for/with/around the Gov’t and the DoD – build things for battle field stuff, and so I know enough to search for documents and branches and departments. Can’t keep all the parts of the military from forming a constant muddle, but it’s a lot more complex. Any way. I can’t find any original documents, reports, or reliable statements but a State Dept. IG report. The more I dug, the weirder it gets, with quotes of quotes quoting other people quoting pundits. And then there are charlatans pretending to be mucky mucks from Justice and the secret and special access domains. Besides the IG report that implies she was one of many civil servants who was blowing off document retention policies, there is nothing out there that seems to resemble what one might call actionable inteligence. Lots of misdirection and circumstance, well fertilized with outrage and anger.

    So I am poking around and asking others if they actually have good source material. Gov’t docs or direct statements of real people with direct personal knowledge.

    Any way. Thanks for the book.


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