Coud Atlas… Review

I just finished watching one of the best films I’ve seen in years, Cloud Atlas. Some folks did not like the convoluted structure of the film, which features six story-lines over hundreds of years. After about twenty minutes, I was still confused, but glued to the screen. By the time the credits rolled, I did not want the film to end.



The acting is perfect, with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry standing out in an ensemble cast. The film covers hundreds of years, with interweaving story lines and connections between each piece in history, from the mid-nineteenth century to the distant post-apocalyptic future.


I do not in any way believe in reincarnation, and you don’t need to in order to enjoy this movie, which is really about redemption, love, and freedom. The way our actions impact those around us, and how our decisions for better or worse can ripple through the generations.  The special effects were excellent, and not over-done in the way of most science fiction movies.


Every now and then, Hollywood surprises me by producing something cerebral and true; at a time when the box office is flooded by bombastic fluff and when the television is full of shows with zero substance, Cloud Atlas is like a cool drink of water on a hot day. It felt like I was reading a superb novel, layered and subtle, with engaging characters who grew over time.


I’ll be watching this one again soon.


3 thoughts on “Coud Atlas… Review

  1. Have you read the book from which the film was derived? I made a start and found it hard to get into, so now I’m listening on audiobook. I think watching the film might help with understanding the book, so thanks for the review.

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