Book Giveaway!!! Help me find the right title…

I’m not satisfied with the working title for my forthcoming novel (currently Into the Valley of the Shadow), so here’s the deal: I’m going to give away a Kindle version of Objects of Wrath, along with the next book, when that is released in the fall. If I use your idea, you get TWO free books!

The next book is tough to categorize, part historical fiction, part supernatural thriller, part military thriller. The chapters alternate between the past and the present, following a linear plot arc.  Here’s a quick blurb to provide context:

“Malak is an angel like no other, for his choices are his own and he can die almost as easily as a mortal. The consequences of his actions have rippled throughout human history; he’s been a gladiator, crusader, monk, and healer, but above all, a warrior. His faith is tested in every way, as he grapples with demons within and without. Now, with the apocalypse looming and the world teetering on the brink of destruction, he is fighting to stop Armageddon… But even if he can, should he? 

The novel delves into the eternal conflict between the dominion of darkness, and the Kingdom of Light, one which rages in all of us.”

So here are some alternate ideas for titles. I’d love some feedback, and if my readers have a better idea, you will be rewarded with free books. 

Stopping Armageddon

Angel of the Fall

Fallen is Babylon

Into Armageddon

Angel of the Apocalypse

Kingdom of Light

Angel of Armageddon


Into the Belly of the Beast: Throwing the book at Trump in Jacksonville

I ordered tickets to the Trump rally in Jacksonville which takes place August 3. No, I’m not crazy. I’m going to get as close as I can and toss a copy of Tears of Abraham right at his head. Since the book is about the coming American Civil War, perhaps my small act of protest will resonate.

Trump said this week that the general election “is already being rigged,” addding to the fear and paranoia that many of his supporters already walk around with every day. When Trump looses in November, all that bottled-up white rage will seek an outlet. A patriot would attempt to diffuse that rage in the aftermath of the election. Trump, of course, is a self-serving bloviating bastard, rather than a patriot. This is the man that mocked Senator McCain for being captured. Trump, wrapping himself in the flag, insulted the grieving parents of a hero who reciceved a posthemous Gold Star for valor in defense of our country. Trump is not a patriot.

He will make a bad situation even worse after the election, rather than falling on his sword the way Sanders did last week, or Al Gore did following his loss to Bush. Trump will scream, shout, retaliate, call for recounts and violence.

Tears of  Abraham is about the next American Civil War, arising in the aftermath of Democratic wins. Trump is just the sort of person to ignite that war. The novel is a cautionary  tale, taking a hard look at what such a war would truly mean for the country. For the destruction and misery heaped upon our soldiers and civilians would be worse than anything most people can imagine.

The Democratic convention  provided a stark contrast to the GOP convention in Cleveland. While the Democrats called for unity and hope, the Republicans rallied around fear. The nation needs healing, not more wounds. As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I will  vote for her because Trump is the worst candidate in our history to win the nomination of a major party. His temperment, woeful ignorance, arrogance, and petty maliciousness present a threat to the world in a way that Hillary does not. She’s not going to launch a Trident missile because she felt insulted. She’s not going to allow Putin to roll into the Balkans. 

Trump is dangerous, and I’m going to fight with my words. I’m throwing a book at him.

Stop pretending about Trump. Please.

Jason Writes About Stuff

It’s time to stop pretending about Donald Trump, fellow Christians. It’s past time, actually.

I know you think you’re right, I know you think Hillary Clinton is pure evil, but please stop.

Stop rationalizing and stop pretending.

Stop pretending that it’s OK to vote for him simply because he isn’t Hillary.

Stop pretending that picking “the lesser of two evils” is a civic duty.

Stop pretending that voting for him is the only “Christian” thing to do.

Stop pretending that a third-party vote of conscience is a wasted vote.

Stop pretending that his sins are lesser than Hillary’s sins.

Stop pretending that his past doesn’t matter.

Stop pretending that the way he talks, the way he lives his life, and the way he treats people doesn’t matter.

Stop pretending that he’s not temperamentally unfit to lead the country.

Stop pretending that you can trust a man who’s on his third marriage and who’s bragged…

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