Religious Patriotism

RocketMilitaryWhen a teenager lectures me with earnest certainty,  I grin. Because whatever it is they happen to be certain of, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be proved wrong.

“Dude…” (when sentences start with this word, whatever comes afterwards is invariably nonsense; I admit I do this, so I know.) “I’m totally going to be a… ” Nothing wrong with self righteous naivete.  Maybe they will and maybe they won’t.

When an adult tells me how it is, how they know it is, I’m less tolerant. There is grinding of the teeth and cocking of the head. Who are you, and why should I listen?  I  trust what I see more than what I hear.

“I can’t hear what you say, when what you do is so loud.”

The patriot who glorifies Putin is not a patriot. Hate Obama, but don’t love the enemy. The actual fucking enemy. Has anyone opened a history book or read the news from around the world?  Putin is a KGB dictator, Reagan’s worst nightmare. Vladimir is laughing his ass off, posing shirtless and invading countries and revamping the Russian nuclear triad. Subs, ICBMs, and bombers. Bombers and fighters that routinely enter airspace off our shores. All up and down the west coast. Testing response times. Russia is building bases in the arctic as I type, shifting assets and positioning new fleets, to places the Soviet Union abandoned. Because there is oil there, and the next world war will be about oil.

The folks who are kissing Putin’s  hairy white ass have forgotten that a few thousand nuclear weapons are aimed at them. At us.  And, being the tough guy that he is, he would actually use those nukes.

That’s world war three, and it’s a shame “patriots” seem to want that. Because nobody wins the next world war. Not people, anyway. Just the cockroaches.

Trump, Donald

Donald Trump saying “YOUR FIRED” NBC Upfront for 2005-2006 Fall Line up, at Radio City Music Hall, New Tork City. May 16, 2005. John Spellman / Retna Ltd.

Donald Trump is anti-Christ, though not the antiChrist. So there is this great selection of books, called the New Testament. I’ve read and studied it a bit. Jesus, a pretty important part of that collection of books, had specific things to say about people like The Donald.

Jesus talked about greed, which Trump embodies on purpose with phallic towers and  a reality show and every time he opens his mouth. Jesus mentioned giving to the poor, which Trump belittles. The first commandment from Christ was love, yet Trump preaches hate. Jesus taught peace, while Trump seeks war.

Christians who support Trump ought to read the Sermon on the Mount. It’s right there, more than once, in the Bible.

They’re not taking our guns. Despite the caterwauling, there are no jackboots marching up our stairs. No one is coming. Except the gun makers, who are. Because stocks and sales are up every time there is a mass shooting in the U.S.

I support the second amendment. I do bear arms, and I’ve hunted and trained with firearms. I like that smell of propellant after I fire a round, the feel of a weapon in my hands, and the CRACK, satisfying and liberating when I kill a target with Bin Laden’s face on it.

Hillary is terrible, and I don’t love Obama. I respect President Obama for what he’s done in an environment of obstructionism, but he isn’t my favorite president by a long shot.  The economy is way up, the deficit is down, and we have ISIS spreading like the plague.  It would be great if we could come together as a country again. Conservatives paint the world in red and blue, and liberals do the same damn thing.

Be Pro-Life. Abortion is terrible, in my opinion. It doesn’t feel moral to me. That doesn’t give me the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. That’s the government at it’s most invasive. The people standing out in the rain with signs might take a keen look at what being pro life means. Like adoption programs and safety nets for mothers raising children in poverty. Giving kids a chance at a decent life, rather than forcing a mother  to bear a child. And then when the idea of a child becomes a child, walking away and dooming that kid to poverty and the distinct possibility of prison.

We are better than what we have become.We are Americans, damn it!  Feisty, independent, gritty, and innovative. We have allowed our country to be stolen.  The slogan “Take America Back” is true and good; the forces behind it are wrong and dangerous.

Because America is betrayed by the same people behind that campaign. Those that don’t give a damn about America. Money made, cigars lit, yachts at sea, politicians bought. All those James Bond villains in tuxedos?  They are real. They kill with lies more lethal than bullets, for they wage wars across continents. The world is “collateral damage,” as long as they’ve got what they want here and now.

We, the people, must take America back. Back from the banks that own this nation and dictate policy. Back from the Saudis, who control the oil and the banks. Back from the divisive media. We are allowing these parasites to kill us. We need to shake them off.

Perhaps we should listen.

The children might just have it right. Earnest, good, and true.














THE ROAD TO ASHES 4: Going Off-Grid

Jamie Mason

I began writing THE BOOK OF ASHES in May 2013. This coincided with a personal decision to withdraw from society as much as was practically possible for a period of time. Initially, I believed the withdrawal would be temporary . For while I have always admired the monastic life, I have never been able to conform to either its religious or aesthetic strictures. My mind delights in spontaneity, and I am too spiritually omnivorous for holy orders. And yet three years and two books later, a discipline of its own has emerged from this existence and I remain committed to it. If anything, my isolation will deepen.

I better explain.

I have a book coming out next week – an important one for me. Although I don’t begrudge it of others, I never did the whole “professional-workshop-rub-elbows-with-authors-and-editors-of-note” thing. I have noticed how the publication of a workshop grad’s novel is treated as…

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America Divided: “We, the sheeple…”







I mourn for my country as it tears itself apart. We are better than this, and seem to have forgotten. Not since the Civil War has the United States been so torn, and it’s along similar geographic lines. In the wake of the California, Paris, and Planned Parenthood shootings, the vitriolic rhetoric is nastier than ever.

We are under attack

America is under attack from enemies foreign and domestic. ISIS is no joke, no J.V. team, and they are not contained, despite what President Obama has said.  The war on terror, and ISIS in particular needs to be swift and brutal and waged without mercy. Before it’s over, there will be thousands of troops on the ground again because airstrikes will not stop ISIS. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution to a problem with roots more than a thousand years old.

The only way to truly stop ISIS and other violent, nasty terror groups long-term is for the Arab nations, and the Imams that dictate religious policy decisions in particular, to put an end to the cries for Jihad and reign in the fundamentalist interpretations of the Koran. Because while there are violent verses, there is also a message of peace in the mix. It’s a question of what people choose to focus on and believe.

Violent fundamentalism is a cancer, and it is spreading. Unfortunately, the U.S. plays into ISIS’s hands by turning a war on terror into a war on Islam. It’s what they want, both by making recruitment easier, and by undermining our collective values as a nation.  That’s how terrorists win.

The threat within

Our own citizens are far more likely to kill us than someone who sneaks into this country. Worse, they are more likely to destroy us as a nation.

Social media makes this worse. Reporting so slanted that it cannot rightfully be called news pours gasoline on the fire. Misinformation and lies abound, with memes designed to incite hatred and violence. People are inspired by fear, and fear sometimes leads to action. The fact that the leading GOP candidates are completely insane illustrates this.

Donald Trump Speaks To GOP Women's Groups

LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 28: Chairman and President of the Trump Organization Donald Trump yells ‘you’re fired’ after speaking to several GOP women’s group at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino April 28, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trump has been testing the waters with stops across the nation in recent weeks and has created media waves by questioning whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Trump is woefully incompetent to lead the nation, his main attraction that he is willing to say anything, whether it is true or not, in order to get media attention. He seems bulletproof, in that he can get away with spouting absurdities and insults; people like this about him. “He says what we’re thinking, but afraid to say.” He is a dick, and people actually respect that about him.

It’s not just Trump, obviously, but his astonishing popularity is indicative of the greater problem: we’ve turned into a hateful people. There is virtually no reasoned discourse, no ability to look at issues from both sides. Whether it’s the Second Amendment, women’s rights, the war on terror, immigration, or health care, each issue is framed in black and white by the media. And people eat it up.

Gun control

I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. That said, the word “regulated” is right there. I fail to see how supporting thorough back ground checks or better enforcement of existing laws is an infringement of this right. No one is coming to get our guns. That’s fear-based paranoia, and it works out well for the multi-billion dollar industry that manufactures firearms and ammunition. Every time there is a mass-shooting, stocks and profits see a huge spike.

This is an American issue, not one of left or right. Yet it’s framed in such a way that the very idea of restrictions on firearms becomes jackboots and Nazis confiscating our guns. Gun restrictions have not led to dramatic drops in gun violence, that’s true. But, the areas with the most guns have the most gun violence. Something needs to be done beyond more people walking around armed.

The looming Civil War

I routinely see people calling for a revolution or secession on social media. My next book, Tears of Abraham, which releases from Post Hill Press in March, is about this very thing. People call themselves patriots with one breath, and demand a revolution with the next. It’s despicable, unpatriotic, and in the end, evil.

The first page of Tears of Abraham:

Often, that which is done cannot be undone. Sometimes a pebble unleashes a landslide; a small object becomes unstoppable, smashing and sliding and gathering momentum until chaos pulverizes everything. When the dust settles, there is a new landscape, crushed and snapped and desolate, which surely the pebble did not intend. The illusion of control can be more destructive than nature itself, when hubris convinces men to believe the lies they tell themselves.

It began with a few powerful men, tinkering and arrogant, manipulating and prodding. Wealth and power, unfettered by wisdom and conscience, smashed the United States of America. History now remembers the conflict as the second American Civil War, although there were many citizens who then fervently believed they were fighting a Revolution.

The first Civil War cost the lives of more than 600,000 people, and was the bloodiest conflict in our country’s history. The second war was worse.

We, the people, are too easily led by fear and hate. We need to talk to each other, not at one another. Listen, and work together to fix what has become broken.  I shudder at the world my children will inherit, and can only pray that we find a way beyond the consuming darkness